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NEWS                                                                                                                      08/05/2019

A fresh approach

In celebration of Dynacoat’s impressive growth over recent years, we have carried out a brand refresh program. Reflecting more powerfully the distinctiveness and values of Dynacoat, the refreshed brand includes new visual identity, tone of voice, color palette and typography. This refreshed brand is now visible in our packaging and promotional materials. 

In the coming months, you will see the new look and feel anywhere we are in public like trade media, product shelves, social media and this website – which has been totally redesigned and rebuilt to communicate more clearly. The same improvements in web functionality are also accessible via mobile devices. 

Dynacoat gives users a sense of confidence and empowerment – and we want to bring those feelings alive in our branding. Our new brand tagline – DYNACOAT. TRUSTED VALUE – sums up our promise to bodyshops. 

What does Dynacoat stand for?

Our refreshed image emphasizes the qualities and approaches that make Dynacoat’s complete vehicle refinishing system different from all others. At the same time, the new branding makes an even stronger connection with AkzoNobel, whose heritage, technological leadership and global resources have played a large part in making the Dynacoat brand stronger and more successful.   

Dynacoat is a distinctive brand, offering a unique and attractive complete package of products, color tools, and efficient technical and marketing support – at a genuine value price. Amongst its loyal and growing customer base, Dynacoat has developed a great reputation and a high level of trust. Customers appreciate its simplicity, agility and consistent quality – which benefit from AkzoNobel’s technological leadership. 

The main changes in detail…

Our new logo has a fresher and more modern feel but stays true to the heritage of Dynacoat and AkzoNobel in its colors. The word ‘Dyna’, meaning ‘power’, along with the logo’s strong horizontal positioning and block shapes, expresses the brand’s powerful, energetic and robust image.  

Meanwhile, our labels have been redesigned for easier and faster identification of each product category through a distinctive color-coding system. Topcoat and basecoat products used on the same mixing machine are clearly differentiated by the colors and graphics on their cans. 

Dynacoat promotional materials, including advertisements, leaflets, brochures and web content, have been redesigned in line with the brand refresh. Their more contemporary look features the modern and professional Dynacoat brand, while their concise, energetic and honest tone of voice reflects the brand values. 

These materials are brought together as part of a complete support package designed to energize, enhance and grow your bodyshop business. Through our online platforms you can easily find technical data, practical advice, useful tips, presentations and videos on products, processes, color tools and other key topics. You will also be supported by our Dynacoat distributors, with their in-depth understanding of your local market.

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