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Committed to getting color right

Color accuracy is essential to satisfying your customers and avoiding reworks. With Dynacoat, you benefit from AkzoNobel’s global color leadership and advanced technology and tools. Precise color matching is achieved with extra speed and efficiency. AkzoNobel’s agile color tools will help you maximize your profits by cutting total cycle time and labor costs in both color measurement and formula retrieval.


Colorvation – for the digital age

AkzoNobel’s unique Colorvation initiative empowers bodyshops to gain maximum benefit from our versatile digital technologies. For those wishing to move up to a digital system, it offers an easy, step-by-step transition. Colorvation builds on AkzoNobel’s advanced color and tool capabilities.   


For color measurement – Automatchic™

Professional digital color matching begins with this compact, hand-held, multi-angle instrument, which measures vehicle color directly from the vehicle – quickly and precisely.


For color retrieval – MIXIT ™

This powerful cloud-based system is the easiest and fastest color retrieval tool – rapidly finding the right formula in AkzoNobel’s vast database of over two million colors and variants — with more being added every day.

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